United Network Development. Events that work.

In short: it is our job to make a creative event design/concept an affordable reality. We make this happen within your planned budget, at the agreed upon time, and without any unpleasant surprises.

As a production company we shoulder all those tasks that should not be the burden of full service agencies or marketing departments – including feasibility studies and cost consulting, logistical and technical implementation of the event, and budget management. Our work allows your team the space it needs to focus on higher-level objectives.

Forward thinking is the key to our philosophy. Experience is our capital.

The real challenge lies not in locating contractors to handle the lighting, sound or projection, nor is it in finding a service provider who can set up a stage or a tent. The key challenge in our business lies in the effective coordination of all the tradespeople involved in your project, and in keeping the bigger picture in view. There are a thousand little details that can easily upset a tight schedule. Here our strength becomes your advantage: we know the details, and we think of them all. In this way, we help facilitate a seamless process through the integrated management of all the relevant areas of expertise.

Services provided in the planning phase: 2D planning, 3D rendering, technical drawings, set design, light design, sound design, multimedia and presentation concepts, handling of tenders, hall planning, supply planning, cost estimation, budget reconciliation, scheduling.

Pulling the strings.

We will take care of all the formalities and we will be on site when the authorities show up. We are not afraid of terms like meeting place regulations, DIN standards or regulations on accident prevention. Our team looks after safety and structural soundness, technical equipment, transportation routes, logistics, set construction, sewage and garbage disposal … in other words, everything that requires capable and experienced implementation specialists.

Services provided in the implementation phase: requirements planning, invitations to tender, selection of service providers, logistical planning, detailed timing, supervision of service providers, official approvals, room scheduling, official inspections, production management, technical management, event direction, documentation.

Keeping the big picture in view from start to finish.

We commit ourselves to a job from the very beginning right to the very end. For us, it is a given that we will be the last ones to leave the construction site. Our commitment continues even after the completion of your event, during the review phase. This review process is beneficial to all participants because it identifies further possibilities for event optimisation and the strengthening of existing partnerships.

Services provided in the wrap-up phase: disassembly management, controlling, handling of payments, review.

Trouble visualising your ideas?

Event planning is not just about figures and quotations from service providers. It’s all about design and setting, colours and projections, emotions and messages. These days, nobody buys a pig in a poke. We provide our clients with visualisations of every single project detail in the most concrete terms possible, and well in advance of their events. All the while, we keep a firm handle on questions of feasibility. In this way we generate peace of mind while optimising the implementation process.

Design services: 3D rendering, set design, 2D and 3D CAD planning,
hall and supply planning, multimedia and presentation concepts.

Commitment 24/7.

Invitations to tender, technology, budgets – all of these things are important, but most important of all are the people who work on site. It takes reliable staff for the planning to unfold properly and the job to run smoothly. Over the last 15 years we have built a network of specialists, whose commitment demonstrates at all hours of the day or night, and who never fail to live up to our standards of quality.

Staffing services: technical managers, event directors, master event technicians, production managers, site coordinators, stage managers, design draftsmen, lighting designers and many more.

Long live freedom!

We assess the technological requirements for our clients, in an objective and unbiased manner, and in this way help to identify measures that are unnecessary, or superfluous to their needs. Our freedom of choice on the service provider market permits us to be independent in everything we do. This means that we are not tied to the use of any specific kind of equipment, nor to any specific providers. This puts us in a better position to advise our clients what’s really best for their event.

Consulting services: experts in event technology, tender management and control, cost and process optimisation, coaching and training.